Who, How & Why : AgroWave for Businesses

June 27, 2018

AgroWave is a mobile e vendor of fruits & vegetables that serves small business (hotels, restaurants, canteens, caterers, supermarkets etc) directly from farmers.

Who can be AgroWave clients:

Hotels, Canteens, restaurants, caterers, fruits & vegetables shops, supermarkets, juice canteens, PGs, canteens & food manufacturers

How you can order from AgroWave :

You can download the “AgroWave” mobile app from app store or play store. There are four sections in the app:

  • Fruits & Vegetables : You can order all the fruits & vegetables in small quantities (>5kg)
  • Bulk order : You can order bulk quantities to get good rates (> 25Kg per commodity)
  • Premium combos: you can order combos of  products which are consumed in small quantity i.e. garlic + ginger , green chilli + hara dhaniya , red + yellow capsicum etc
  • Offers: You can see current offers

The minimum bill should Rs. 1500 to order from AgroWave.

You can use “search”  to save your time . There 2 kind of search options in the mobile app one on “home” page and other on top of internal sections.

There are 2 delivery slots available for deliveries.

8-10AM & 10-12PM

Steps to use:

Add items to cart using search, Apply offers & Check out, Choose delivery slot, Make payment by cash/digital

Why you should order from AgroWave

Fresh quality, Return & Replacement of the produce, Time saving, Hassle free supply, Delivery to your door, Free transport Multiple payment options & Data driven insights useful to your business (Monthly sales, per commodity bill & consumption pattern etc )

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