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Why agriculture startup after IIT

October 31, 2017

Hi, I am Anu Meena, recently graduated from IIT Delhi. I belong to a very small village Manoli in Rajasthan, I have completed my schooling from there till 10th grade. I have observed farmer’s problem very closely. I have seen how famer work day and night to earn very small

World Tomato Production

October 31, 2017

119 million tons of tomatoes were produced during 2002, with the crop being grown across 9.9 million acres in over 160 different countries. Total world production has increased by over 35% over the last ten years. The biggest producer is China... read more...

Enabling Retailers

October 31, 2017

Shusmita is an old retailer, it is very difficult for her to go to mandi for procurement of vegetables. We at agrowave deliver vegetables to her door so that she can earn for her survival. At Agrowave we are enabling retailers... read more...