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The harsh truth about production-demand map of fruits and vegetables

May 19, 2018

The decision of growing crops by a farmer in his landholding is decided on what people are growing around him. They do not get any guidance on demand in market for the produce they put their sweat on. In result of which, they do not get fare returns. There is

FARMER: No Struggle to find buyer | No struggle for transport | No Struggle for good price | Pre-booking to sell

March 31, 2018

You know you are close to mandi when you get a foul smell of rotten fruits and vegetables, animal dunks from a far distance. The closer you get the more you want to get out of the mandi and buy fruits... read more...

AgroWave won seaside startup summit, UAE worth of $11000

February 14, 2018

Seaside startup summit, UAE has awarded AGROWAVE for solving massive problem of agriculture. AGROWAVE won the heart of everyone there from different countries with the innovative solution for fruits & vegetables supply chain. Seaside Startup Summit, started by Armenia foundation could... read more...