Guavas farmer story-01: Mukesh Kumar Gurjar

September 8, 2018

Mukesh Kumar is a farmer from ‘Lorwada’ village in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan. He grows Guavas in 3 Bhiga land having 300 Guavas trees, 1 tree gives around 100kg produce. He approached AGROWAVE and discussed the current selling method. He sells the tree for INR 1000 so he sells the complete farm in INR 3 lacs which means Rs. 10/Kg.

He told us that there are 500 houses in his villages and almost every house has Guavas garden and all of them sell like Mukesh Kumar.  In Azadour Mandi Guavas wholesale price is generally 25-40/kg depending on the quality and supply&demand.

Now AGROWAVE is buying the Guavas and giving them 25% more price and providing all the facilities of logistics, packaging, and loading. We are giving jobs to 100+ people in the village by making the grading and packaging at farms only. At AGROWAVE we focus on small farmers and helps in rural economic development.

If you know any farmer who can get benefit from AGROWAVE then please let us know.

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