September 19, 2018

Sitaram is a farmer in Kanganheri in Delhi. He has a small land holding of about 5 acres, on which he grows garlic, brinjal, tomato, bottle gourd, and okra. He is one of the few farmers who grows his crops using freshwater, instead of using the drain water. Although there won’t be any visible difference when you see and compare the produce grown from the fresh water and drain water, the freshwater produce has a better shelf life and stays fresh for longer. Farming on the outskirts of an urban city like Delhi is a challenge in itself, with problems like pollution, shortage of freshwater and low land yield constantly hindering the lives of the farmers like him.

Sitaram is an enthusiastic farmer and constantly looks for better ways to improve his yield. He aims of getting his ‘Organic India’ certification next year, and he’s been taking steps in order to achieve it. For example; he has stopped using all artificial inputs on his land. Also, he urges his fellow farmers to follow such a sustainable method of farming.


He planted garlic in his field, which cost him around 1.7 lacs. But due to a tragic setback in his family, he couldn’t completely tend to his crop which resulted in a low yield. The total yield was around 5 tons. Due to this, he thought he won’t be been able to recover his input cost and will have to face heavy losses. Unfortunately, thousands of farmers across India face such setbacks every year. But, we came in contact with him at the right time and helped in getting a price which was 21% more than what he was getting and also provided him with the transportation for his produce. We have also assured him to buy his future production of tomato, bottle gourd and brinjal, which will be harvested in the winters. At AGROWAVE we focus on small farmers and helps in rural economic development.

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