CHALLENGES in farm to business model!

June 12, 2019

India is, no doubt, a very diverse country. There are 29 states and 7 union territories.Our society is multilingual, multi-religious and pluralistic in nature. There are 22 languages listed as scheduled languages in the Constitution of India. We at Agrowave work with farmers, traders and businesses. Diversity is obviously great driver of innovation but it adds many challenges in the alley.

Some of the general challenges we face are as follows-

  • Working capital
  • Scaling operation
  • Price setting
  • No standardization
  • People are not willing to follow the processes

There are different verticals to these challenges-

With Farmer:

  • Many a times, it becomes difficult to trust a new farmer with the qualities.
  • Payments after the procurement of vegetables and fruits is challenging.
  • Proper measures ought to be taken while mapping the quality of goods.
  • The rates of farm produces must be fixed beforehand.


With Trader:

  • Payments are sometimes postponed which can stop the cycle of farmer’s payment.
  • Its becomes a little laborious to update the price of the commodities everyday to keep the transparency of the pricing.


With Business:

  • Late payments by some businesses can affect entire capital of company.
  • No standardization of quality of the productions.


With these challenges ahead, AgroWave is performing at its top notch to transform the Indian Agriculture supply chain and provide a prosperous future to our sons of the soil.


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  1. True, an absolutely capital intensive segment and the calculations goes upside down with every client breaking the terms and conditions. Making them understand the process became the greatest hassle. Though issues with farmers r solved over the time.

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