Challenges for sellers & buyers in Mandi

July 31, 2018

When we think of procurement from “MANDI”, things that come to our mind is price variation after every two shops, traffic jam, sludge and muck on small roads. Every Mandi has layers in the market itself. When we compare the price from vendors in the different layer, the price raised around 40% – 80%. Let’s start with the top layer and we call this top layer – Layer 1 and below layers will be named same as in increasing order.


Layer-1 buy/sell the product in Tons but if we need something in multiple of 100 kgs than we should go to them and buy from there. Generally, they place their trucks in front of the shop or in the parking lot area of the Mandi and execute business from their only. They do have the registered firm/company and supply their product to Layer-2.

Layer-2 also buy/sell in tons and they have shops in the Mandi. The price raised around 40% when we compare the price within these two layers. They also help to buy/sell in bulk if we provide them. They sell their product in multiple of 20 kgs to 50 kgs and almost all the layers below Layer-2 buy from either Layer-1 or Layer-2.

Layer-3 have small pushcart or small table size space for selling. They procurement range lies between 1 kg to 10kgs, the price hike is around 60% – 80% in this layer and you will see the price difference inside the layer-3 itself. If you ask the price of 1 kg it will be Rs. x and price of 5 kgs(dhadi) will be 0.8x (20% rise in layer itself).

The Second most crucial face of the Mandi is the Traffic Jam. You may be stuck for 1-2 hours just to cross the 200 meters because Mandi have small roads and on the other hand sellers place their products in a large quantity on the road. If we do have the 15 fts road width than only 10 fts will be available for transportation and walking.

The third thing that you will see in Mandi is the unhygienic environment, mud and roads are filled with wastage of vegetables and fruit, muck and sludge.

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